Seller Support

We are working on support documentation for all aspects of the seller experience. Most support will be available on the same support destination we use for customers.

Completing your seller profile page - We explain every aspect of your account profile page. Thankfully, most of the form is easy to understand, but we do make recommendations for a better experience for you and your storefront's visitors.

How to add new listings - In this article, we break down how to add a new listing on your storefront step-by-step. Review every option and why they are important to your storefront success. Also, learn how to add product options using variances.

What does a good listing look like? A quick tutorial of the most important aspects of posting a new listing on the marketplace.

Adding your payment information - Learn how to quickly provide your payment information, so we can send funds to you securely and fast. Payment takes place once you ship an item to your customer.

Viewing your orders - coming soon

Important configurations - coming soon

Understanding product types - coming soon.

If you have ideas of support articles we should add, please contact us.