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Men's Marvel Red Poster T-Shirt

Men's Marvel Red Poster T-Shirt

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Get ready to join up with the coolest bunch of mutants around with the Marvel X-Men At the Hands of Omega Red Comic Book Cover Men's Graphic T-Shirt! This cool new tee features a large graphic of a classic comic book cover with Wolverine battling Omega Red across the front. Grab some new Marvel apparel today and show some love for your favorite superheroes!

Omega Red, Arkady Rossovich, is a notable villain in Marvel Comics, primarily opposing the X-Men and Wolverine. Introduced in "X-Men" Vol. 2 #4 in 1992, Omega Red is a Russian mutant and former serial killer turned into a super-soldier by the KGB. He possesses deadly abilities, including the emission of lethal pheromones called death spores, superhuman strength, durability, and retractable carbonadium tentacles that can siphon life force. His condition requires him to absorb life energy to sustain his health, driving many of his conflicts.

Omega Red's history is deeply intertwined with Cold War themes and the Weapon X program, frequently bringing him into direct conflict with Wolverine, who he believes holds the key to stabilizing his condition. His character adds a layer of international intrigue and espionage to the Marvel Universe, with affiliations to various criminal groups like the Soviet Super-Soldiers and the Red Mafia. Omega Red's relentless pursuit of Wolverine and his brutal nature and formidable abilities solidifies his role as one of Marvel's most dangerous adversaries.

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