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Men's Marvel Rider One T-Shirt

Men's Marvel Rider One T-Shirt

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Not a bullet, not a knife, not even the Marvel Ghost Rider Comic Book Cover Print Black T-Shirt can stop the immortal Ghost Rider! This durable black shirt commemorates Ghost Rider's first appearance on the comic book cover "Ghost Rider vol. 2 #1 (September 1973)" which features Ghost Rider speeding away on his deadly motorcycle. 100% Cotton.

"Ghost Rider vol. 2 #1," published in September 1973 by Marvel Comics, introduces Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who transforms into the supernatural anti-hero Ghost Rider. Written by Gary Friedrich with art by Mike Ploog, the story begins with Johnny making a deal with the devil to save his adoptive father, Crash Simpson, from terminal cancer. Despite the deal, Crash dies in an accident, and Johnny becomes the Ghost Rider, a flaming-skulled spirit of vengeance, by night or in the presence of evil.

This issue is significant for the first appearance of Ghost Rider's iconic design and sets the tone for the character's internal struggle between his human and demonic sides. The introduction of Roxanne Simpson, Johnny's love interest, adds depth to the story as she tries to save him from the devil's curse. "Ghost Rider vol. 2 #1" laid the foundation for Johnny Blaze's legacy as a darker, supernatural hero in the Marvel Universe, leading to numerous comic series and adaptations.

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