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Men's Marvel Todd Venom T-Shirt

Men's Marvel Todd Venom T-Shirt

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You won’t want to turn the page on the Marvel Venom Lethal Protector Black T-Shirt too soon! You'll be mesmerized by the terrifying villain, Venom, portrayed with his sharp teeth, reaching out to grab you across the front of this incredible new men’s graphic t-shirt in the style of a comic book cover. Grab a new Marvel Comics tee today and be the envy of all your friends!

"Venom: Lethal Protector #1," published in 1993 by Marvel Comics, marks the first solo series debut of Venom, a character initially introduced as an antagonist of Spider-Man. Written by David Michelinie with art by Mark Bagley, this storyline shifts the focus to Eddie Brock, the human host of the alien symbiote Venom, as he seeks to establish himself as a hero in San Francisco.

In "Lethal Protector #1," Venom deals with Spider-Man to relocate to San Francisco in exchange for no longer pursuing him as a foe. However, Eddie quickly finds himself embroiled in conflict with the Life Foundation, a group that seeks to harness the power of symbiotes for their ends. This series explores Venom's internal struggle as he tries to reconcile his violent nature with his newfound desire to protect innocents. The comic blends action-packed sequences with more profound exploration of Venom's character, setting the stage for subsequent stories that delve into his complex morality and anti-hero status within the Marvel Universe.



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